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2023 Rural Women's Conference
2023 Rural Women's Conference
Your favourite conference is back for our 2023 event, you don't want to miss it!
Nov 16, 2023, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
9626 101 Ave, Plamondon, AB T0A 2T0, Canada


We are so excited to have a SOLD OUT crowd for our 2023 conference in Plamondon!

If you missed out, please send us a message through here or on our social media to be put on a waitlist as tickets can often become available closer to the date!


A full day conference consisting of amazing speakers, interesting presenters, great food a vendor market and even a fashion show!
You won't want to miss it! These conferences have always sold out and we know this one won't disappoint!

Cup of Coffee


Doors open at 8:30 am with the conference finishing at 4:00!

See below for full conference program!


Get to Know Them

Alison Weaver.jpeg


Marathon Called Life

The farm can constantly be in motion… How do you balance the sprinting and multitasking, leave the guilt behind and enjoy the Marathon called Life? Alison will help you find your pace, train for life and own your marathon. She will share her experiences and cover topics from mental health awareness, how to give yourself permission to pause, how to be comfortable with the uncomfortable and how to create a support system around yourself. Alison will also give you some helpful tools, leave you feeling uplifted and like you have been sitting at her kitchen table enjoying an afternoon of friendship.  She will show you how to embrace gratitude and remind all women ‘You are Enough.’ 


Shelby Eloria | All Set Style

Shelby Eloria is the founder of All Set Style, a business dedicated to helping individuals feel confident in the clothes they wear and project their best selves. With over 20 years of experience in various retail and corporate positions, including a 13-year career as an HR professional, Shelby has honed her expertise in working with individuals to truly own their style and presence.
Driven by her passion for teaching and inspiring others and her unwavering commitment to empowering individuals to exude confidence and embrace their personal style led her to become a Certified Image Consultant and a Personal Colour Specialist.
Shelby holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Alberta, which provided her with a solid foundation for understanding the business aspects of the fashion industry. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of how clothing choices can impact personal and professional success, she expertly guides her clients to enhance their image and make lasting impressions.
Outside of her work, Shelby cherishes her family and finds joy in exploring new destinations through travel. She has a penchant for all things chocolate and wine, and she embraces an active lifestyle. Moreover, Shelby genuinely values connecting with people from all walks of life, eagerly listening to their stories and forming meaningful connections.
Through All Set Style, Shelby Eloria continues to inspire individuals to embrace their unique style, unlock their confidence, and present their best selves to the world.

In this session Shelby takes you through the Style Foundations journey of setting up a wardrobe that truly feels like you, followed by the live application of those foundations in a fashion show alongside Allison Dupre of Straight & Arrow Boutique. You will be able to see the Style Foundations in action from how the models are dressed and styled, as well as some easy to apply styling tips that you will be able to take home and use right away.

Four Seasons Clothing will be following this presentation with their own fashion show portion!

Chantal Gauthier.jpg

Chantal Gauthier-Vaillancourt | Tree de la Vie Midwifery

Chantal will be presenting about the importance of Self-Care during the peri and post menopausal years. With two decades of dedicated service, she has excelled as a Massage Therapist for 8 years while traveling & working in the mountains for a Heli-Skiing company and eventually opened her own massage business here in Plamondon with a special focus on maternity and newborn massage. This organically lead her to become a certified Doula for nearly 6 years, during which she had the privilege of supporting families with information, emotional and physical support throughout countless births. This inspired her to further her studies in women’s health and move to Quebec where she proceeded to complete her Bachelor of Health Sciences in Midwifery Studies. Chantal's journey as a Registered Midwife spans eleven years, during which she has attended over 500 births, witnessing the beautiful miracle of new life with its strength and fragility firsthand. Being a primary care provider has granted her the privilege of accompanying women during this vulnerable and transformative time in their lives. Over the years, she has become even more passionate about Women’s Hormonal Health as she began suffering from intense to severe peri menopausal symptoms herself. This naturally lead her towards doing more research and taking courses about the peri & post menopausal years. 


Chantal is a practice partner & co-business owner at her clinic in Plamondon:Tree de la Vie Midwifery. She has recently released a podcast and a new website in order to offer an online program she co-created for expectant families called A Peaceful Gestation with the hopes of reaching more people who may not have the Prenatal care they want or need. She aspires to do more public speaking in the future and has started writing a book. 

On a personal level, she has grown and learned major life lessons while thriving through cancer twice. She is a devoted wife and a mother to two sweet children who bring her joy and drive her crazy … but mostly bring her joy.

Tina Skakun | Apple Schools


Tina Skakun is a school health mentor for the APPLE Schools project and brings experience as an APPLE Schools Health Facilitator to her role as School Health Mentor.  She has an Elementary Education Degree from the University Of Alberta with a specialty focusing on Inclusive Education. She also holds a diploma from Mount Royal College in the area of Community Rehabilitation Services. Tina is a veteran educator with 19 years of experience, working in many areas of elementary education.  


Tina says she enjoys working in health promotion because “empowering students, staff, and community to make healthy choices through the comprehensive school health approach impacts everyone positively for life”.  She is excited to support schools to continue to make the healthy choice, the easy choice. 


In her spare time, Tina loves spending time with her family camping and fishing.  She is also an avid runner, curler, golfer, and coach in her community. If Tina isn’t out on the course or hitting the running trails, you can often find her hiding in her vegetable garden or cooking and canning in her kitchen. 

Rachel the Hutterite

Sharon Widdup.jpg

Sharon has become an expert at laughing at life – at its victories, its defeats, its little everyday titters and its big league catastrophes.  Through her wealth of life experiences, Sharon has created a cast of characters, quips and intriguing insights that are not just funny, but useful – to you, your business and your personal life. From her zany keynote presentations of “Rachel the Hutterite,”  she captures the essence of life from the sprawling prairie to the big city.

Sharon is creative, down-to-earth and unpretentious. But most of all, she’s down-right delightful. You will do more that laugh at what she will offer during her time at our conference; you will come away with a keener understanding that life can be a laughing matter, and that laughing matters.

Clock and Plant


9 am - Opening Remarks

9:15 am - Alison Weaver

10:15 am Break/Game: Vendor Market for shopping

10:45 am - Shelby Eloria Image Consultant Presentation & Straight & Arrow Boutique Fashion Show

11:45 am - Fashion Show: Four Seasons Clothing

12:00 pm - LUNCH | Catered by Double L Catering / Vendor Market shopping

1:15 pm - Chantal Gauthier Vaillancourt

2:15 pm - Movement/Break/Vendor Shopping

2:45 pm - Rachel The Hutterite

3:45 pm - Closing


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