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2022 Rural Women's Conference
Thank you to everyone who came to the conference! It was a huge success and plans are in the works for the 2023 Conference!
Nov 24, 2022, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Craigend Hall,
Alberta T0A 2B0, Canada


A full day conference consisting of amazing speakers, interesting presenters, great food a vendor market and even a fashion show!
You won't want to miss it! These conferences have always sold out and we know this one won't disappoint!

Cup of Coffee


Doors open at 8:30 am with the conference finishing at 4:00!

See below for full conference program!


Transportation from Plamondon Festival Centre in Plamondon and from Independent Grocers in Lac La Biche to Craigend Hall for conference attendance is available.

Sponsored by Plamondon and District Agricultural Society (there is no cost to you)

Departing the Festival Centre at 7:30 AM sharp. Departing from Independent Grocers at 7:50 AM sharp.

Pick up from Craigend at 4:30 PM.

Contact Lena Labonte at 780-798-3324 or 780-404-1451 to reserve your seat.

* Please park in the north west corner of the parking lot of Independent Grocers in Lac La Biche.


Get to Know Them

Leona Watson Lifestyle.png


"Making the Most of Every Opportunity"

Léona is the eldest of five daughters raised on a family farm in Northeastern Alberta. Together they learned the values of hard work, perseverance and gratitude. She graduated from Olds College in Agribusiness and in 2011 was awarded a Canadian Nuffield Scholarship where she studied succession planning around the world. Since then, she’s set her roots in the Yukon Territory as a wife, mother, homesteader, farmer and outfitter. She will share stories of her farming adventures and worldly travels that exemplify making the most of every opportunity.

Sharon Mallon.jpg


'My Other Speech Would Have Been Much Longer'

Sharon Mallon is a ‘story teller.’  As a child, she’d endeavour to regale anyone who would listen.  As an adult, she took delight everyday in meticulously crafting and then telling stories on-air; this on both K-97 and CFCW radio stations.  Long before reality TV was a thing, she believed in ‘reality radio’, divulging the humps and bumps of life as she entertained audiences of all ages.  When her beloved Mother passed away immediately after her retirement from her teaching career, Sharon set a goal of retiring at the age of 50 so she could do something her Mom was unable to; that is to carve out another life for herself in retirement; a ‘post’ broadcast life.  Turns out, her life as a story teller has continued into retirement as she continues to share her journey of life.  It’s a story she hopes will entertain, enlighten, educate and mostly illuminate how on any given day, we already ‘have it all’.

Brenda Robinson-Headshot 2022.jpg


'Laughter in Your Workplace Your Family and Your Life'

“Wipe that stupid smile off your face”

“Quit laughing and get serious”

“Stop fooling around and get back to work”

“Act your age”

How many messages discourage laughter? How important is laughter in your life? How important is laughter in your workplace? Positive relationships often begin with laughter and fun. Do we maintain relationships with the same ingredients? We don’t always have to go “out” or “out of your way” to have fun. Learn to bring more joy, laughter and fun into your everyday life and work. We don’t stop laughing when we grow older, we grow older when we stop laughing.


  • Laughter is contagious

  • Laughter is shared

  • Laughter is motivational

  • Laughter increases productivity

  • Laughter increases positivity

  • Celebrate laughter

Clock and Plant


9 am - Opening Remarks: Colette Borgun | County Councillor

9:15 am - Leona Watson

10:30 am Break: Vendor Market for shopping

10:45 am - Sharon Mallon

11:45 am - Fashion Show: Four Seasons Clothing & Straight & Arrow Boutique

12:15 pm - LUNCH | Catered by We Cook Catering - Shelley Nahorney with time for Vendor Market shopping

1:45 pm - Jolene Yackimec | Sandsprings Ranch

2:15 pm - Tina Skakun | Apple Schools

2:30 pm - Break: Vendor Market for shopping

2:45 pm - Brenda Robinson

4:00 pm - Conference End


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Sunrise over the Wheat Field
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